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Passion, Persistence, & Patience

By Kay Confer, CFP - Director of Planning

I would like to share a few observations I have made in my lifetime that demonstrate how passion, persistence and patience have played important roles in both my personal & professional journeys.

Growing up with a single mother, every single choice seemed critical. I lived through my own family issues and hard financial struggles. During this time, I became acutely aware of the consequences of choices.

One of my earliest memories: if I could become more financially self-sufficient, it would be helpful to my family. This is where my young entrepreneurial spirit began making potholders on my loom and selling them to the neighborhood ladies. 

My second observation was I needed some type of system to a save that money I had earned. This is where my envelope system for savings started. Many of my clients are likely laughing because this same system I used to build a little financial buffer in my youth later was brought into my planning practice for clients that needed to build their own financial disciplines.

The third - I noticed people who had advanced education or skills had more choices and opportunities in their lives. So, I set my sights on a college education- having to work my own way through to pay for school. I was proud to be the first college-educated member in my family! I earned a degree in Social Work and Psychology, as I’ve always had a passion to serve others. It didn’t take long before I arrived at my next observation.

My fourth observation came as I learned that people that had made and spent fortunes in their lifetimes often ended up without resources to fulfill their biggest dreams and goals. What an absolute travesty of the human condition. I realized that one of my passions would be to coach others to structure their financial priorities to support their dreams. In time, many have been able to live what was possible through great planning.

With a dream, persistence, and a lot of patience, I studied for all the additional licenses that would be needed to become a Certified Financial Planner. I opened an office 31 years ago with two prospective clients and the conviction that if I built it, they would come. And they did! Within a year, I had hired an assistant. There is a Divine hand guiding me at every step of my journey.

Today I share in the joy of clients who are living their dreams, as well and those who are still building their foundations. I am so grateful for their openness to trust to allow us to be a part of their life journey!

I am also grateful for Chris and his vision for the future of our team, as we learn, grow, and serve our clients together!