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The Case for Objective Optimism

By Chris Winkler - Founder | Principal

It can appear to be a fool’s game to talk about optimism in times like we’re experiencing. I know it can seem insensitive and completely out of touch. It's natural to be stressed out about things right now. Markets have been erratic. Prices are up for many things. Interest rates are rising. It's a confusing time to consider buying or selling a house or making other major financial decisions. This all adds to the stress you may be feeling about your job, your family’s health, or your retirement. With this uncertain backdrop, we tend to try to solve for all the unknown possibilities. These survivalist instincts are deeply coded in our DNA.

In an environment like this it's important to remember: we don’t have to predict, but we do have to plan. You can actually feel empowered by uncertainty instead of overwhelmed by it. Think about all the unexpected turns your life has taken, and the beautiful possibilities those turns created for you.

The same is true of investing. We can lose confidence during times of uncertainty, but our own life experience reminds us we have the tools to deal with it. As investors, we participate in the ingenuity of people to solve problems and make their companies run better. We share a belief that collectively we will find a way through difficult times. It is in times like we're currently experiencing where the greatest opportunities are created. History has reminded us of this repeatedly. And for maintaining this objective view, long-term investors have been rewarded generously.

I think the best way to feel optimistic is to more clearly define who you are and what’s most important to you. This should provide the foundation for why you’re investing and is at the heart of the work our team does. It’s also why we remain passionately curious about your life’s aspirations.

Given life’s profound uncertainty, it can be justifiably difficult to feel like an optimist. Most of what happens in our lives is unpredictable, and it’s impossible to forecast the future. But we can live our lives fully without knowing what’s going to happen.

If you have been feeling anxious about an unknown future, know we've built a plan for you for times like these. If you'd like to revisit this together, please let us know.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

My gratitude... and objective optimism,